Barbecue on the River Beer Garden Winners

Barbeque on the River received 4 proposals from Community organizations

Balkis Temple #157

Family Service Society Inc.

Paducah Philanthropic Committee

West Kentucky Futbol Club Inc

The Process

  • Community not for profit organizations were invited to bid on the opportunity by completing a Request for Proposal and application which was due May 23rd Application/RFP document)
  • These RFP’s were then reviewed and scored by an independent committee of 3 community leaders having no business relationship to the Barbeque on the River Board, or the event itself. 
  • Each member of the committee performed their review of the proposals independently  and did not communicate or share their results with the other members. 
  • To ensure the review would be free from external pressure, the independent community review committee was not made public at the time of the review; and in order to preserve the process for future years will not be publicly identified today. 
  • Each organization then gave on oral presentation to the voting Board Members, consisting of Susie Coiner, Carol Gault, Valerie Pollard and Mike Karnes, including a question and answer session. (There were guest in attendance at the presentations but they did not have a vote in the decision.)
  • The organizations which have been chosen this year were chosen unanimously by the independent review committee and as a result of their presentation to the voting Board Members.
  • The criteria and goal of the multistage review process was to identify an organization whose proposal offered new ideas to assist in growing the event, a membership and approach ensuring adequate staffing of the venue, years of experience and a successful record organizing and operating large events. (for further information please see the attached Review Criteria document)

We are excited to announce the winner for the 20th Ever Barbecue on the River festival. We got great proposals and some great new ideas. One big announcement is that this year we are going to have 2 Beer Gardens - the main stage Beer Garden and then a new one will be located on 2nd which will feature craft beer well as bourbon.

The groups chosen have great ideas and bring amazing talent to Barbecue on the River. We had four nonprofit organizations submit bids and are pleased to announce that Family Services, Inc. will be handling the Main Stage Beer Garden and West Kentucky Futbol Club, Inc. will be handling the new 2nd Street Beer Garden. 

We also are proud that Murray State University will be sponsoring a Judging School here at the Paducah Campus.

Click here to see the Beer Garden Application and Contract.