Grand Champion

Ribdaddy & the Porkers


Reserve Champions

Tilfords Q Krew


Whole Hog - Backyard

1st Ducks BBQ

2nd Ribdaddy & the Porkers

3rd River City Rib Ticklers


Whole Hog - Circuit

1st J-Mack Cookers

2nd West Kentucky Moonswiners

3rd Cookie's Grill & Buzzard Brothers


Shoulder - Backyard

1st Downtown Kiwanis

2nd Ribdaddy & the Porkers

3rd Ozeans Ribs


Shoulder - Circuit

1st Pigtails

2nd Bar B Que Express

3rd Off the Bone


Ribs - Backyard

1st Ribdaddy & the Porkers

2nd Downtown Kiwanis

3rd Masterhouse


Ribs - Circuit

1st Tilford's Q Krew & Hardwood Gang

2nd J-Mack Cookers

3rd Buzzard Brothers


Chicken - Backyard

1st Downtown Kiwanis

2nd Ozean's Ribs

3rd Rib-Tastic BBQ


Chicken - Circuit

1st Tilfords Q Krew

2nd BBQ Expres

3rd Pigtails


Anything But Winners


1st Cartel

2nd Regulators

3rd Pork N Gene's



1st Tilford's Q Krew

2nd Larry, Darrell & Darrell

3rd The Catering Company



1st Smokey D's

2nd Tilford's Q Krew

3rd The Cartel



1st Tilford's Q Krew

2nd Highland CP Church

3rd Touch of Home Catering



1st Ribdaddy & the Porkers

2nd The Cartel & Deez Butts BBQ

3rd Smokey D's



1st Regulators BBQ

2nd West KY Moonswiners

3rd The Cartel